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If you’re ready for a little positivity, here’s some of cool stuff I can all look forward to in 2017. For personal and company websites, using WordPress requires some basic functionalities. Each of these free WP plugins is up-to-date and basic, ensuring you’ll get the most out of compatible WordPress. Fully compatible with the latest WordPress version(4.5.3).

1. Uix Shortcodes


Plugin for Wordpress at WordPress.org Repository

Uix Shortcodes makes it easy and quick to add the shortcode you need to achieve the page layout or function you desire. It provides easy to use over 26+ shortcodes. Currently, Uix Shortcodes supports: container, parallax, image slider, timeline, columns, buttons, progress bar, google maps, special heading, pricing table, icons, features boxes, testimonials carousel, team, list of clients, responsive video, audio, accordion, dividing line, tabs, code with highlighter, share buttons, contact form(use commenting form template), portfolio(support lightbox), recent posts with custom template and author card.

The content elements are the heart of any page builder. These are the elements shortcodes that come with theme. You may customize the shortcode by changing/adding the parameters. “Content Shortcode”, “Column Shortcode”, “Web Elements Shortcode”, “Container Shortcode”, and so on. They could be used together.

A variety of optional styles are available for Uix ShortCodes. Go to “Uix ShortCodes -> Settings -> General Settings”, you can choose the shortcodes style you want.

Very easy to use :)

Advanced Customization

There is a second way, make a new Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) document which name to uix-shortcodes-custom.css to your templates directory (/wp-content/themes/{your-theme}/ or /wp-content/themes/{your-theme}/assets/css/). You can connect to your site via an FTP client, make the changes and then upload the file back to the server. Once you have created an existing CSS file, Uix Shortcodes will use it as a default style sheet to your WordPress Theme. Of course, Uix Shortcodes's function of "Custom CSS" is still valid.

Note: Making a new javascrpt (.js) document which name to uix-shortcodes-custom.js to your templates directory (/wp-content/themes/{your-theme}/ or /wp-content/themes/{your-theme}/assets/js/). Once you have created an existing JS file, Uix Shortcodes will use it as a default script to your WordPress Theme.

2. Uix Page Builder


Plugin for Wordpress at WordPress.org Repository

Uix Page Builder is a design system that it is simple content creation interface. The currently available default elements: parallax, google maps, pricing table, features boxes, testimonials carousel, team, list of clients, accordion, tabs, author card, contact form and portfolio. To be continued.

You could add any new pages using the plugin to your WordPress site, find the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard Navigation menu. Click Add new. The “Uix Page Builder Attributes” section applies page builder templates to your new page.

Here are 5+ templates for you to swipe and make your own. Here, you will find free, professional design for Uix Page Builder. We add new, fresh designs regularly in order to provide you with large variety of templates to chose from.

= Displaying on Front-end Pages =

Embed a shortcode [uix_pb_sections] into the editor of Pages Add New Screen.

= Features =

  • You can switch between “Visual Builder” and “Default Editor” modes at any time.
  • Support to choose multiple default templates you want.
  • Support to save custom templates and export templates.
  • Support a key to add anchor links based Uix Page Builder to your navigation. Visit the Menus page (Appearance « Menus), choose items like “Uix Page Builder Anchor Links”, from the left column to add to the menu.
  • Simple operation window, support loop list items.
  • Customizable core style sheets.

Advanced Customization ( For Theme Developer )

1) Plugin allow handles builder controls of backend template usage so that we can use our own templates instead of the plugin. If you want to custom your builder controls of backend for your theme, then just copy them from the directory /wp-content/plugins/uix-page-builder/uix-page-builder-custom/ to your theme directory /wp-content/themes/{your-theme}/.

2) Plugin allow handles plugin scripts of front-end. If you want to custom, rename the “_plugins.js” to “plugins.js” from the directory /wp-content/plugins/uix-page-builder/uix-page-builder-custom/js/, and add the required script to "plugins.js". ( If you done, the default Uix Page Builder plugin scripts can't queue. You can use your own scripts instead of the plugin only. )

3. Uix Products

Plugin for Wordpress at WordPress.org Repository


This plugin enables a products post type and taxonomies. You can add a new artwork, theme or plugin item to appear in your theme. It also registers separate products taxonomies for tags and categories. If featured images are selected, they will be displayed in the column view.

Using this plugin require with Uix Products template files. Convenient for theme customization.

= Features =

  • 3 Product types for choice
  • List of retina-ready
  • Full responsive design
  • Using template files to customize your theme & display all product items
  • Regenerate thumbnails after changing their size.
  • Adding categories support to a custom post type in WordPress
  • Support gallery
  • There are some simple options to the theme customizer
  • Filterable to display product items to your site
  • Masonry grid style support
  • Support widgets to the spot you wish it to appear

4. Uix Slideshow

Plugin for Wordpress at WordPress.org Repository


This plugin is a simple way to build, organize and display slideshow into any existing WordPress theme. Using template file to embed your theme.

Insert slideshow anywhere on your site using a custom post type. Powered by jQuery Flexslider with some transition styles to choose from.

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