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2 min readJan 22, 2022


There are many bookmark management tools or platforms on the Internet, but it is not easy to choose one. In the past few years of work and study, I have always had a need. How to manage my own URLs offline, although it is similar to Google Chrome’s own bookmark, in order to better save data to this machine, it will never be lost, and it is convenient and fast.

For Reference:

Google Chrome Bookmark
Google Chrome Bookmark


I designed an application for bookmarks (curation/collection of web URLs) that can be managed without the internet, which solved my problem. The official version has been released.

The following diagram is the basic workflow:

Next, a brief introduction to the project as a whole.

F-Curator is an offline application that comes at you all day long and curates your own web favorites. Based on Electron and React technology.


  • Offline support and fast speeds
  • Easily achieve data persistence
  • Fetch remote resources to the local database
  • Category management and clear list blocks
  • Drag and drop sorting
  • Exporting HTML that separates APP to use favorites
  • Support importing database package.
  • Support quick search for URL and Site Name
  • Judgment of URL validity and repetitiveness
  • Automatically extract the remote resources, such as icons

In the future, I will continue to improve its functions to better improve my efficiency. And try more interesting things. I hope this open-source can bring you some uses.

Next Steps

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